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This Insanity Brought to You By:


Seiki Tomomi


E-mail: stomomi@oddworld.co

Steam: (Odd) Seiki Tomomi

Discord: Seiki#0007


Web Resources:

  Steam Group Home Page

  Discord App Home Page


About Us:

  Formed over a decade ago.

  Were a couch family of gamers.

  Our couch family consists of people you would sit next to and play games with.

  We mutually respect all nationalities, races, religions, orientations, etc zero discrimination.



  We dont recruit. We dont add random people. We add family members!

  Whether youre a blissful speck or a nervous wreck, were always expanding the family.

  We have a community of acceptance and mutual friendship tethered by our common PC gaming interests.


What We Look For:

  People who play more than one game with our group

  People who get along with all of our members

  People who are positive, encouraging, and helpful


I Might Want To Join:

  Be aware: Our group is mature in nature. Enough said.

  Our Discord is *highly* active you can server mute us, or join in the melee.

  Steam Group membership is not instant we take time to make sure youre a good fit for us.

  Equally important, we want you to make sure were a good fit for you.

  If you are interested in starting your journey with us contact Seiki using a contact method above.


Games We Play:

  Conan Exiles

  Day of Infamy

  Elder Scrolls Online

  Final Fantasy XIV Online

  Ghost Recon: Wildlands

  Grand Theft Auto Online


  Space Engineers



  War Thunder


Dedicated Servers We Host:

  ARMA2 DayZ mod (Overpoch Overwatch + Epoch)

  Conan Exiles

  Day of Infamy


  Killing Floor 2

  Space Engineers



  And more!